Intern Highlights

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“If there is an opportunity to do work that you haven’t done before, try and step out of your comfort zone.”

-Chris, 2018 Clinic


Always be learning. There’s always an opportunity to be learning in the internship from both peers and mentors. .”

-Zvezda, Clinic Intern


Challenging yourself on a day-to-day basis will lead to you being more successful..”

-Ryan, Clinic Intern


“This internship will prepare you for your future no matter what your major or career path is.”

-Dasha, 2017 Clinic


“Once you find that sweet spot of what works best for you, the opportunities will come.”

-Abe, 2019 Clinic


You meet so many people and you learn so much. You get what you put into it.”

-Alondra, 2018 Clinic


I was able to get my feet wet in just about everything. I’ve worked on graphic design, email campaigns, social media postings, and even landing pages.

-Brandon, 2017 Clinic


“I wasn’t sure if PR or Journalism was my passion, and my experience with the clinic helped me figure that out.”

-Barbara, 2019 Clinic


“This job can literally pave the pathway to your future career.”

-Andrew, 2015 Clinic


I needed LinkedIn help, and I was really able to sell myself after this experience. We were able to network not only with other interns but various professionals in the Ann Arbor area.

-Makenna, 2019 Clinic


You get experience, you get paid, and you get an invaluable networking community. What more could you ask for?

-Nicole, 2017 Clinic


The CDE clinic is different than all other internships because of the support. The team meetings provided an opportunity to get feedback and ask peers for solutions to your challenges.

-Nick, 2018 Clinic


I was really driven by helping these startup companies get their feet off the ground. I learned what I love doing and it was a very enjoyable experience.

-Patricia, 2016 Clinic


The CDE internship eliminated my fear of entering the business world. I was nervous about leaving retail and this experience helped me realize that I could excel in a professional business environment.

-Anastasia, 2017 Clinic