Due to the impact of COVID-19, the Digital Summer Clinic will be held remotely, and adjusted with future guidelines from the governor and CDC for the foreseeable future. See “COVID-19: Remote work and meetings” at the bottom of the page for more information.

It is, interns earn $15.51/hour, subject to revision under the Ann  Arbor Living Wage Ordinance.

The Digital Summer Clinic will take place from mid June to mid August.

    1. You must complete your full internship between the start and stop date of the clinic, (mid-June–mid-August).
    2. You will be placed in one of four cohorts (Tuesday A, Tuesday B, Wednesday A, Wednesday B) and must attend the mandatory one hour cohort meeting as well as the separate one hour Thursday all hands meeting each week of the clinic (two hours total per week). These meetings are not counted as work hours. Please see COVID-19 and remote work at the bottom of the page for more details on these meetings. 
    3. There will be a cohort meeting and an all-hands meeting every week of the clinic with the exception of the week of June 29 (the week of the July 4 holiday). After July 13, you may miss one pre-approved mandatory cohort meeting and one pre-approved Thursday all-hands meeting. Missing any cohort or Thursday all-hands meetings beyond that is grounds for dismissal from the program.
    4. You must complete a tools certification during the clinic. Pre-approved certifications are Google Analytics and Google Ads. Others may be approved by the clinic director, Bud Gibson.
    5. You must complete the social media and other requirements as outlined in the syllabus delivered at the first mandatory cohort meeting.
    1. We grant you the CDE-SPARK Digital Media Certification as an indication you have completed the clinic requirements. These requirements come directly from our industry partners who indicate them as desired traits in entry level employees. As a result, we have historically had very strong success with student placement after the clinic. We hope to continue this trend in 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic makes our potential level of success much harder to predict
    2. You become part of our growing alumni base. Digital media alums work at large organizations such as Google, iProspect (GM’s digital agency), and GTB (Ford’s digital agency) as well as many notable local small businesses. Digital Media alums also work in Chicago and on both coasts.
    3. You become a prime candidate for continued work in the Ann Arbor area’s high tech economy as well as other regional hotspots like Detroit and Grand Rapids. These opportunities can allow you to increase your relevant experience while still a student.
    1. A week or two before the clinic starts, you will be introduced to the company you will be working for.
    2. The clinic works somewhat like an ad agency or a consulting firm. We source the talent and assign you to companies with a specific project in mind. Sometimes we have to rearrange staffing a bit as the clinic progresses.

Any current college student or recent graduate (within 18 months of clinic start date)! If you’re interested in digital and looking to get your foot in the door, we encourage you to apply. Digital can mean an array of different things; from coding and computer science, to analytics, advertising, and strategic communication. We’re simply looking for people who can hit the ground running and learn quickly.

    1. Those interested in being a part of the Digital Summer Clinic should apply through the website (DigitalSummer.clinic).
    2. In May, selected applicants will be notified if they have earned an interview with members of the mentor team. From there, 48 interns will be selected for our 24 companies. Selected students will be notified. 
    3. What will most help your application is describing experiences where you used your digital skills to achieve a result in your statement of purpose. This could be for a club or personal project or on the job.

This is a part-time internship. Ann Arbor SPARK allotts 10 hours/week (90 hours total) for each intern. Beyond the 10 hours/week (or 90 hours), your company must pick up the tab.

    1. You are hired by Ann Arbor SPARK for 10 hours per week during the clinic. You submit your timesheets to SPARK and the company you are assigned to approves them.
    2. You must submit all the requisite employment paperwork to SPARK before you can be issued your first paycheck. SUBMIT YOUR EMPLOYMENT PAPERWORK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AFTER IT IS REQUESTED.

Each summer there is a small team of interns that dedicate 10 hours/week to our social media efforts. These students are chosen by the mentor team.

    1. In 2020, we are planning that all internships will largely take place remotely. Each company in the clinic has its own method of organizing remote work, but in all cases, it is some version of teleconferencing, calendaring, messaging, and file sharing.
    2. We will organize all clinic documents using Google Classroom and Google Drive.
    3. All clinic meetings will be scheduled via Google Calendar.
    4. We are planning for all mandatory group meetings to take place remotely via Zoom video conference with some all-hands meetings simulcast on Facebook Live.
    5. Required meeting times, all via Zoom, will be as follows:
      • Tuesday and Wednesday A Cohorts: 6 PM to 7 PM
      • Tuesday and Wednesday B Cohorts: 7:10 PM to 8:10 PM
      • Thursday all-hands meeting: 7:10 PM to 8:10 PM

                     Don’t see an answer to your question? Email us at info@digitalsummer.clinic