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“If there is an opportunity to do work that you haven’t done before, try and step out of your comfort zone.”

-Chris, 2016 Clinic

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be hard a decision to make, but Chris Davis certainly didn’t regret stepping outside of his. After graduating from college, he was stuck in a position where he was unsure of his next step and did not have a job lined up. “I knew I wanted to do creative work and in this market, there isn’t a huge entertainment scene so marketing was my best bet. The CDE Summer Internship Clinic was really my first taste of that.”


During his time with the CDE Summer Internship Clinic, Chris interned at a company called Warmilu, which develops blankets for premature babies. He helped them with marketing and creating videos explaining how the product works. “It helped me learn about the types of work I wanted to do. I didn’t know what digital marketing was and the internship really helped me figure it out. I got some cool contacts out of the experience, and a lot of my peers were able to get jobs after they finished the internship.”


 “Networking is super important. Try and connect to the speakers because you never know when someone will have an opportunity. Sometimes it might help to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to marketing work. I was super into video and I wish I had done more web design and other things I hadn’t had as much experience with. If there is an opportunity to do work you haven’t done before, try and step out of your comfort zone.”


Chris’s favorite part of the internship was the weekly cohort meeting. “Not only was I interning, but we would meet and have a guest speaker and it was a good way to get exposed to a lot of different experiences.”


Chris wanted to leave future interns with this advice, “Sometimes you just have to look out for opportunities and take them as they arise. This internship opens up relationships and can lead to recommendations that are good to have because you’ll need them for certain jobs and things you want to do. Those relationships are incredibly important.”


If you are interested in digital marketing and are looking to jump into the world of digital media, the CDE Summer Internship Clinic can be a great opportunity. Don’t miss your chance to meet amazing people, build your resume, and get paid!  Check out our website for more information and to keep up with all of our events.