“This internship will prepare you for your future no matter what your major or career path is.”

-Dasha, 2017

When pursuing a degree, an important question to ask yourself is simply, “Do I like this?” As a junior in college, Dasha Jones was in that exact situation and wanted to see if marketing was right for her. After three years of selling Sony cameras at Best Buy, she was able to land an internship with the CDE. Now, she is using the experience she has and applying for jobs all over the United States!


During Dasha’s time in the CDE Summer Internship Clinic, the marketing major was able to manage the social media of her start-up company, ShapeLog. ShapeLog has created a device that tracks individual fitness goals and acts as a mini personal trainer. Dasha did a lot of research, ads, and even photography for the company, some of which are still on their website. “This job throws you right in and gives you hands-on experience,” she shared. “It isn’t your classic run and get coffee internship.”


After the clinic ended, Dasha stayed with ShapeLog for six months while going to school. Upon graduation, she landed a job at Stardock Systems, doing a lot of writing and content for the gaming company. “It was the experience I gained from my internship that got me the job,” Dasha explained. Now, Dasha is pursuing opportunities in the Windy City, as she landed two interviews for marketing positions in Chicago.


Although Dasha dreams of working in the beauty industry as a Director of Marketing, she has some other things up her sleeves as well. She’s started a business from her phone, making wigs and selling them on Instagram. In addition to the wigs, Dasha is also passionate about photography (@thewigshowcase and @dashajart on Instagram). “I’d love to pursue one of those full time,” Dasha shared.


Overall, Dasha expressed that the internship is something everybody should do. “This internship will prepare you for your future no matter what your major or career path is,” she said. “You get the chance to meet amazing people and network with them. Plus, you get paid!”


Don’t miss your chance to meet amazing people, build your resume, and get paid!