“I was really driven by helping these startup companies get their feet off the ground. You wear so many hats so you get a lot of experience. It’s a fast track to learning the industry standards. I learned what I love doing and it was a very enjoyable experience.”


“You get experience, you get paid, and you get an invaluable networking community. What more could you ask for?” -Nicole, 2017 Want a leg up when applying for jobs? That’s exactly what Nicole Raymond got through her experience at the Center for Digital Engagement.  Working with start-up companies is unlike a normal work environment, andContinue reading “Nicole”


“The CDE clinic is different than all other internships because of the support. The team meetings provided an opportunity to get feedback and ask peers for solutions to your challenges.” -Nick, 2018 The CDE Summer Internship Clinic is sometimes hard to understand from an outside perspective.  Nick Woods, 2018 alumni, is the first to sayContinue reading “Nick”