“Once you find that sweet spot of what works best for you, the opportunities will come.”

-Abe, 2019

The Center for Digital Engagement (CDE) clinic is not just your typical internship for digital marketing students.  The CDE features an array of majors, career paths, ages, and opportunities. Abe Joo, CDE Alumni 2019, is proof of how this eight-week internship can set you on the path to success.  


“Once you find that sweet spot of what works best for you, the opportunities will come.  You can set your own standards,” Abe Joo shared. That is exactly what he did. The New Jersey native has been around the block a few times, from Pennsylvania to New Mexico to Tennessee, then finally landing in Ann Arbor.  He attends Dartmouth College in New Hampshire as an economics and mathematics double major. Abe’s father researched for theoretical physics, which resulted in moving often.  


Abe’s professional background started out just like the rest of us.  From the age of 15, Abe worked in restaurants and did miscellaneous jobs while he finished high school.  After his freshman year of college, Abe took a year off to figure out his career path and ended up working with BestFoodFeed, doing marketing and ad campaigns.  BestFoodFeed is an Ann Arbor SPARK company. SPARK is a company that assists start-ups and entrepreneurs in the Ann Arbor area. The work with BestFoodFeed prompted a gap year, or a year of experience, for Abe.  Omeid, the CEO of BestFoodFeed, connected Abe with Bud and the CDE Clinic, and the rest is history.


The CDE Clinic provided value in many ways to Abe.  After his eight weeks, he continued with the company PassiveBolt, working on B2B development and B2C as well.  “So many things about this internship had value for me,” Abe expressed. “Meeting other professionals that I can learn from was one of the most helpful things.  My company PassiveBolt has also expressed interest in me long term, so that’s exciting!” 


Abe’s words of advice are simple but powerful.  “Focus on one thing, and do it well,” he said. While working multiple jobs to get through college is the norm these days, dedicating at least 10 hours per week to developing your career in the field you’d like to grow in is important.  With Abe’s willingness to learn, he was able to follow his passion for business and entrepreneurship.