“I wasn’t sure if PR or Journalism was my passion, and my experience with the clinic helped me figure that out.”

-Barbara, 2019

No marketing experience? No problem!  University of Michigan sophomore Barbara Suzanne Collins came into the CDE Summer Internship Clinic with one goal; expand her skillset.  That’s exactly what she did. “With the CDE, I was able to explore so many realms that I never had before! It made me fall even more in love with my field of study, Communication!” Barbara shared.


Before the clinic, Barbara worked as a reporter and editor for the Michigan Daily.  She actually learned about this internship from a co-editor and was excited to try something new.  “I wasn’t sure if PR or Journalism was my passion, and my experience with the clinic helped me figure that out,” she explained.  


Barbara was placed with the DIY financial planning app, PocketNest.  Her experience doing social media was a little unique–she worked remotely.  “Everyone at PocketNest was so fun,” she shared. “We had Facetime meetings and I got to work from all of the cutest coffee shops in Ann Arbor.”  She loved it so much that she is staying with PocketNest for the next semester, writing blogs and doing social media work.

PocketNest and the CDE were able to give Barbara her first work experience in the field, and the support she had throughout was priceless.  The cohorts offered a support system that is hard to find elsewhere, and she was able to meet with countless business leaders and peers throughout the Ann Arbor community.  One of her favorite parts of the clinic is simple; It’s targeted towards people looking for experience, just like her!


Even though continuing with PocketNest is an amazing outcome, Barbara gained much more than just a job.  “The most valuable thing about the clinic for me was the relationships,” she explained. “I was able to network and do tons of cool things.  I even got lunch with Jenn Hayman, the director of marketing for Zingerman’s Service Network!”  


When asked to give one piece of advice, Barbara explained that working for a start-up is an experience that everyone should have at least once.  “It gives you so much creative freedom, and it gives you the opportunity to really make an impact!” she said. “You’re able to present ideas to your boss, and they usually love them!”