You get experience, you get paid, and you get an invaluable networking community. What more could you ask for?

-Nicole, 2017

Want a leg up when applying for jobs? That’s exactly what Nicole Raymond got through her experience at the Center for Digital Engagement.  Working with start-up companies is unlike a normal work environment, and the experience you gain can take you far past the 8-week internship that the CDE offers. 


After growing up in Fenton, Nicole came to Eastern Michigan University to find her passion.  She came into college undecided, and after a few years decided on a major in public relations with a minor in marketing.  “I was drawn to the internship clinic because it was hands on,” Nicole shared. “In public relations, we do a lot of outreach and plans, but this gave me the technical experience I needed!”


Experience is definitely what Nicole got when placed with TrueJob, the Ann Arbor based job board platform.  “My first day they named me the Director of Marketing!” she exclaimed. “They trusted me immediately, which was a bit scary, but it helped me really understand what I was doing.”  Nicole was able to learn new skills while perfecting the ones she already had.


It was the internship experience that gave her an advantage when applying for her current job as a marketing specialist at Builder Funnel, a contractor marketing company.  At the CDE, interns do a lot more than just get a job. All interns must attend a weekly clinic meeting with speakers from the Ann Arbor area, as well as get certified in Google Analytics and write weekly blog posts. It isn’t just the job skills you learn that make you marketable, it’s the clinic aspect as well.  “I was certified in Google Analytics and Hubspot, and Bud gave me a great recommendation,” Nicole said.  


“I really learned how to be confident in myself,” Nicole explained.  “They throw you right in, and that’s how you learn.” Working with TrueJob even helped Nicole realized her passion was in strategic marketing.  


Nicole’s advice to anyone thinking about the clinic is simply to just do it.  “You get experience, you get paid, and you get an invaluable networking community,” she said.  “What more could you ask for?” Don’t take it from just her, see for yourself why the CDE Summer Internship Clinic could be your stepping stone to a successful career.